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Digital Marketing/Sales

Just having a digital presence is not enough! Whether you need current materials and strategy moved into the digital world or completely new, we are here to help. Selling in the digital world can be overwhelming but rest assured Concept and Color, LLC is here. From tying in existing sales strategy, to developing your strategy and implementation, we are here to ease the process. Sales strategy in the digital age has to be accompanied with flawless execution, our team can help you achieve that. No matter what stage you are at coming into the digital age, Concept and Color, LLC is here to unlock your potential and drive the engagement that is important to your success.

Software Engineering

Concept and Color, LLC understands having an aesthetically pleasing website, application and overall digital presences is important to you. We can help that come to life! We also understand application, website and overall digital presence is not simply a pretty picture. It is an ever evolving relationship. The best kind of applications and digital presence evoke action, and that is where we put our focus.

Data Science

Business that leverages data survive and thrive. Those that ignore the revolution risk being left behind. We are here to strategize, cultivate and execute your data driven future. Do not waste the potential data your digital presence gives you the ability to harness!

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At Concept and Color, we achieve success through the unique idea of listening to you, our client. Developing an open line of communication, enables our team to create the professional message and images your organization wants to present into a digital reality. Our work doesn’t stop there. Concept and Color is not your average software application and data science company. Not only does our group of innovators set us apart, but our ability to help you follow through is extraordinary. Our ability to create and build websites, apps, and other software applications, along with our ability to capture important data is paramount but we don’t stop there. We have a talented team of professionals that not only can help you learn and understand these products and services, but can help you develop strategy and implementation. Concept and Color doesn't simply just build software and applications. We don’t simply just capture the data. We follow through and consult on how to use what is built or captured to effectively communicate, create and implement strategy, drive engagement, close business, all of which leads to efficiency, creation of revenue and increased margins. Reach out and let us unlock your potential in today’s digital age!

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